AuduBon Center (Packet Pick Up)

AuduBon Center (Packet Pick Up)

Swim Area

Swim Area

Bike Course

Bike Course

T2 & FInish Area

T2 & FInish Area

Run Course Path

Run Course Path

Swim Description: CANCELLED

Please Note the SWIM Leg is Cancelled due to unsafe water conditions.

The event will be based out of a new location (Lincoln Shields Recreation Area) that is 1.5 miles west of the original start/T1. Click below to access the email sent to registered athletes. It features the new location, maps, timeframes, etc for the adjusted event.


Click above for the email sent out to athletes on 9/16/16


Run Descrition:

The 13.1 mile run course is fast and aside from one uphill at the start going to the levee-very flat. The route takes you south with some of the most beautiful views possible of the Mississippi River. It will be fast, and a fun run on “higher ground” with the entire route overlooking the river and Alton. Turn by turn route description is below.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1.13.45 PM


Run Course Cutoff:

The run course cutoff will be 8 hours and 30 minutes after thelast swimmer enters the water. This will mark the cutoff for the entire Border Wars Half Triathlon.


Race Director Video on BWT Run Course: Click Here


Run Course Turn By Turn: 

Run out of T2 heading South, around marina, and up to the bike path under the Lewis and Clark bridge

Keep South on path for 6.55 Miles

Return on path crossing Henry Street

Continue on path till  you are forced to cross Riverfront Drive to amphitheater

FINISH along the path behind the Amphitheater


Run Course Aid:

Aid Station 1: 1.5 Mile Mark (H2O & HEED)

Aid Station 2: 3 Mile Mark (H2O)

Aid Station 3: 4.5 Mile Mark (H2O & Heed)

Aid Station 4: 6 Mile Mark (H2O)

Turn Around: Mile Mark 6.55 (H2O & Heed, Gel, Banana Half, Pretzel Cup)

Aid Station 5: Mile Mark 7.1 (H2O)

Aid Station 6: Mile Mark 8.6 (H2O & Heed)

Aid Station 7: Mile Mark 10.1 (H2O)

Aid Station 8: Mile Mark 11.6 (H2O & Heed)


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