Why Partner:

Interested in being a press partner with Border Wars Triathlon. This triathlon will have athletes traveling from throughout the nation to compete as both amateur and elite athletes swimming, cycling, and running over 70.3 miles! Every athlete has a toeing the starting line has a story, and we would love to help you capture these feats to share their epic tales with the world.  To learn more and speak with with us about the opportunities please contact shoot us as email.

Press VIP Pass Request:

All event press must request a “Press Pass” in order to get access to the race course including the start, T1, bike course, T2, run course, & finish. Once a pass is requested here we will contact you with additional guidelines and information. Press will have limited access to our elite athletes/pros during Saturday’s event Expo, and short post race interviews at future announced times. Any members of the press that are on the “closed” course during this event without a pass will be escorted off the course.  We appreciate your assistance in helping maintain a safe event for our athletes, volunteers, and residents who will be traveling along our event routes.

Email: events@racemaker.org


Current Partners:

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