Start the Season Right:

Start the Season Right:

Try Tri Triathlons-4/16/16 (Indy)
Try Tri Triathlons-4/17/16 (Illinois)

DEAL IS EXPIRED: President’s day Weekend Special: This deal was available starting 2/13/15 and lasted until 3/23/15.

We are excited to announce a VERY Limited Special! All athletes registering while this deal is live will receive an Xterra Dry bag ($95 value) in their packet at Border Wars! Athletes can arrange for early shipping at their cost, or to pick them up at an early season RMP event! Register ASAP for this deal! When all are claimed we will remove the deal! Don’t miss out on getting one of these sweet bags. The bags are in RMP hands now and we will not be placing any additional orders! DEAL IS EXPIRED!



2015 Launch Special: EXPIRED 12/12/14-No Longer Available. 

We are pumped to launch the 2015 Border Wars Triathlon, and as is tradition-we have a great perk for early bird registrations! This year we have designed both a Team West and a Team East long sleeve tee that we will MAIL to early registrants! This deal is extremely limited and could quite possibly be gone within the first 24 hours after launch! These Shirts are no longer available. Please check back in November 2015 for the 2016 exclusive shirt! You can also interact with us on Facebook and at other events for chances to win one of these shirts! 

Don’t miss out as Team West can get its Official 2014 Champions shirt, and Team East can get the exclusive “One Trophy” shirt! These shirts will be printed once and sent to early registrants! Make it happen, and join the 2015 battle TODAY!

Race News/Updates

Race News/Updates


2014-2015 Early Registration shirts are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. 



Launch Special: 1/15/14 (This was the 2014 Deal and is expired)

Border Wars Triathlon is here and we have some amazing perks to celebrate! We hope you like free stuff because we are offering not one sweet deal, but TWO PHENOMENAL DEALS to you just for registering early! Not only are you getting the deals but your also get the hands down cheapest possible price for this amazing half distance triathlon. So, what are these great free deals you ask? First, for all athletes that register by 1/31/14 at 11:59 PM we will MAIL them their very own custom Border Wars Tri Training Tee (see in sidebar throughout the website) to rep both Border Wars Tri & their respective side of USA! Yes we will mail you a free “tri blend” very comfortable, and great looking shirt just for registering early! Wow-amazing right?! You say how can there be anything else, this is a steal. Well there is more…we are also going to UPGRADE the already sweet bag that we are giving out to all registered athletes. For a limited time (guaranteed through early registration 1/31/14) athletes will receive an official Xterra Transition Bag (Click here to check it out),   (or watch this DUDE stuff a ton of race gear in an Xterra Transition Bag). This bag sells for $75! Our Border Wars custom logo will still be on it, just like all the other bags we will hand out. You will just get a tremendous UPGRADE because we, along with our sponsor Xterra Wetsuits, love our athletes! Don’t be the one that waited on these deals…we are expecting the race to sell out, so these perks will go like hotcakes!


Press Release 1/14/14:

RaceMaker Productions presents The Border Wars Triathlon on October 5, 2014 in Alton, Illinois! This race consists of 70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running. Athletes will travel from around the nation to compete in this first ever Metro St. Louis Event. Athletes will start in the Alton Slough “Bird Sanctuary” swimming a 1.2 Mile route before exiting on Riverlands Way to start the bike. They will ride 56 miles out and back  on Great River Road going north of Perre Marquette then returning along the river to the Alton Riverfront Amphitheater. In the final leg athletes will run 13.1 miles out and back going south on the bike path along the river. They will finish at the Amphitheater welcomed by friends, family, and fellow competitors.  This race will have athletes finishing the 70.3 miles below 4 hours and up to the 8.5 hour mark. Each of these athletes will face their own obstacles and is driven by their own unique goals. We look forward to the debut Border Wars Triathlon and the many great athletes, volunteers, and fans that will make this event a success in 2014!



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