Other Great Events

Other Great Events

Try Tri Triathlons-4/16/16 (Indy)
Try Tri Triathlons-4/17/16 (Illinois)

Litchfield, Illinois 9/11/16

Litchfield, Illinois 11/13/16

The best of the best of the Border Wars Triathlon. Looking to get your name here, you better start training now!

Border Wars Triathlon Page of Fame

East Vs. West Battle Results:

Team East:

Team West: 2014 Champs-(trophy held by SBRSTL)

Club Champs: 2014-Swim Bike Run STL


Individual Records:

Overall Elite Male Record: Nick Wanninger 4:09:42 (2014)

Overall Amateur Male Record: Brett Crossland 4:36:22 (2014)

Overall Elite Female Record: N/A

Overall Amateur Female Record: Emily Lanter 4:5142 (2014)

Clydesdale Record: Christopher Cooper 5:07:56

Athena Record: Maggie Baird 6:20:44

Male Team Record: Wide Range 5:35:31

Female Team Record: Relax It’ll Be OK 5:46:11

Coed Team Record: Team Haskins 4:12:46 (2014-Sarah Haskins/Ben Haskins)

AquaBike Male Record: Ken Pettry 3:07:09 (2014)

AquaBike Female Record: Moira Atkinson 3:22:57 (2014)


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