Places To Visit

Places To Visit

“The Great Rivers National Scenic Byway bends and curves with the Mississippi River, winding its way to the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers… right to the door steps of Grafton.” Those words from Visit Grafton website couldn’t be more true for Grafton, Alton, and Godfrey. Great River Road is one of the most pleasurable places to drive, and we can’t wait to have athletes from around the country joins us to Swim, Bike, and Run along it! Breath-takingly beautiful barely even scraps the surface of the sights, sounds, smells, and pleasures you’ll experience while playing in the Great Riverbend Area. We know that you are coming for a race, but we strongly encourage you to take the time to plan out your trip and take in the splendor of this area. Below we have gathered a few links that take you to sights highlighting each specific village or cities “Must Do’s.” Race fast-but then take the time to truly enjoy your visit….we guarantee your be back again and again.

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Visit Alton, Illinois:


Visit Grafton, Illinois:

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Visit Godfrey, Illinois:


Visit Perre Marquette State Park: Click Here for Link


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