Places To Visit

Places To Visit


Short & Long Sprint Triathlon/ Short & Long Kids Sprint Triathlon 4/26/15 Edwardsville, Illinois

RaceMaker Productions is excited for the 4th Annual Try Tri races at SIU Edwardsville! This campus plays a perfect host to our Super Sprint, Long Sprint, and our TWO different Kids’s races! With our heavily patrolled/controlled bike course for the adult races you can literally lay it all out there on the bike even if you are shaking of those off-season cobwebs! Then the bike path through campus allows you to run safe and fast on a nice paved. The swim as we all know is in the SIUE pool, and provides a great opportunity to get after an early season race in good old time trial style. If you are looking for an early season race-this is the one for you. You can bring the whole family, your professional tri coach, the local youth swim team in your community, your neighbor that can’t event ride a bike-and this race can handle it! As always RaceMaker Productions literally hooks you up with the sweetest swag item around, then adds the classy perks of custom bibs, and trophies you really want. You can’t go wrong when you sign up for the Try Tri Triathlons! Register early to save, and always watch for the Swag guarantee cutoff! See you at the start of triathlon season-April 26, 2015 @ SIUE.

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Sprint and Olympic Triathlon 9/13/15 Litchfield, Illinois

The 6th Annual Litchfield Triathlou is back and ready to continue to rock the end of the short (olympic/sprint) course athletes season! First you better believe you will be getting the 2015 Official Litchfield Triathlou Hoodie! By now there are many of you collecting these hoodies as they are comfort, warmth, and style all in one. Aside from the hoodie we will hook you up with a custom bib, free beer, great facebook photos,  and some sort of finisher sick TBD item. Enough with the freebies…onto the course. Swimming in Lake Lou Yeager is the best OWS you will have in the midwest. The bike course is flat and fast with some great turns to keep you entertained the whole ride. Then a great run that keeps you honest with a couple hills-but allows you to roll plenty! You want freebies, speed, and comraderie-you better wrap your season up with the Litchfield Triathlou Sprint and Olympic Triathlons!

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Half Marathon, 5k, and Mile Dash 11/8/15 Litchfield, Illinois

RaceMaker Productions is excited to announce the third annual Litchfield Half Marathon, 5k, and Mile Dash! After year one was in the books our predictions where correct-this race is all about support and speed! If you want the miles to fly by and your are seeking your fastest time of the year then this race is a MUST for your race calendar! Expect groups, teams, clubs, families, and businesses to be lining the 3.25 miles of closed roads cheering you to YOUR victory-whatever that is for you! Signage is set up to entertain, and the DJ will keep the fans at the theater pumped for each athlete passing. This race is literally “The Midwest Race for your Best!” Best time, Best experience, and surely the Best memories that can be had from pounding that asphalt chasing goals you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t miss this race where the weather, the support, the course, and the competition are all right for your next BIG PR. To be your best, race with the best-join RaceMaker Productions on November 8, 2015 at the 3rd Annual- Litchfeild Route 66 Half, 5k, and Mile Dash!

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For More destination races throughout the Midwest Check out our other event sites:

We are excited for 2015 and the many great events in both Illinois and Indiana!





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