Volunteer Calling:

Border Wars Triathlon will have over 650 hours of volunteer service between the expo and race day. The hours will be contributed by both long-term triathlon lovers, first time race spectators, and everyone in between. There will be students, parents, and grandparents alike from St. Louis and beyond serving  the athletes throughout the weekend. All these volunteers have one thing in common-a desire to help assure all athletes at Border Wars have a remarkable and safe experience racing in the Greater St. Louis area. If you would like to be a part of this event we encourage you to check out the many volunteer role/descriptions below and fill out a form to join us on either 10/3/15 or 10/4/15. We look forward to meeting you and having you out to the first annual Border Wars Half Triathlon.

Volunteer Roles/Descriptions:

Non-Profit Partners:

Each event RaceMaker Productions tries to pick a non-profit group or two to partner with for volunteer services. This is a great way to raise both funds and awareness for your cause/organization. If you are interested in learning more please email us at volunteers@racemaker.org.


Lifeguards/Water Support:

We have an experienced lifeguard crew for our water safety/coordination; however, we can always use extra personal for water & start needs. If you have expertise on water safety please inquire below and express interest in the water portion of the course.


Course Marshals:

Course marshaling is a very important job that requires focus, attention to detail, the ability to be loud and SEEN. Your main duties include minor traffic control, and providing directional assistance to athletes along the course. When signing up to volunteer note that you are interested in being a course marshal.


Course Aid Station:

Course aid station volunteers are filling a fun and important job along the course. You will be able to see and interact with the athletes first hand as they are racing through the course. You main duties are to assure aid is sufficient and to literally “hand it off” to athletes as they race by. Main items are water & sports drink in paper cups, race gels in packets, and other quick nutritional items.


Finish Line Aid:

The finish line is a rewarding place to volunteer as you get to see each athlete accomplishing there goals and reaching that line! Here you will provide quick refuel drinks/food, finisher medals, and emergency blankets for warmth. You will also help collect timing chips and keep athletes progressing through the finish chute. You will get hugged, and consequently sweaty-but it is worthwhile!


Transition Volunteers:

Transition volunteers have lots of important tasks, but get to see a lot fo the action as athletes will be racing through T1 and T2 right along side you. You will need to provide directional support monitoring that the athletes are entering/exiting correct gates and abiding by race rules. Please check the schedule and assure you are able to make one of the meetings prior to requesting this spot.


Packet Pick Up:

Here you will help hand out packets to racers and help maintain structure/organization to the process so that each person receives there race items in a quick and controlled process. Smiling faces, a willingness to help answer questions, and good customer service will make you an excellent packet pick up volunteer!

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